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Building a strong foundation to improve organisation performance

Transcend provides you with expert and affordable solutions to help you measure, understand and improve team culture and performance.

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What makes us different?

The secret to our success is the combination of our own tools and services plus our team’s continuous quest for excellence in both quality and service.

The technology modules have been evolving since 1998 in a development project originally undertaken in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde (a CIPD Centre of Excellence). We have since incorporated a wealth of client feedback over many years to bring you robust and relevant solutions to many of the people challenges you face today.

At the heart of our consulting team is our Managing Consultant and Director, Paul Glover. Still actively involved with clients, Paul has particular expertise implementing solutions for organisations undergoing transformational change, and has over 20-years’ experience working across both the public and private sectors. He is fortunate enough to work with an ever-growing team of colleagues and associates who, together, blend our tools and services into tailored solutions to the challenges faced by clients.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

Because each solution is tailored to the client we are able to work with clients in the public sector and education sector as well as SME’s and corporates.

Each organisation has different challenges but the common element is the need to create a working culture that promotes maximum effectiveness throughout the organisation and that is something we have considerable experience in doing.

Is it all about technology?

Technology is an enabler and can be fantastic for making our lives easier if we let it.
However it is best when in the hands of the right people and backed up with real life expertise and knowledge which is why we often find a large part of the projects we work on are using our expertise as well as our technology.

Will you charge me for a consultation?

We are always happy to offer a free consultation and establish how we can best serve your needs within your budget.

We have a lot of flexibility, we often work with smaller organisations as well as more complex ones. We know that time and budgets can be a concern and will always do our best to find a solution that makes the best of both!

“At a pivotal time in our business, we were doubling in size and moving to a more formal organisation structure. We needed help to create clarity in the business about expectations of our people, define what good looks like and formalise objective setting to help everyone focus on achieving things that bring business value.”

HR Director


“We received a very professional appraisal service. This service has been extremely proficient in its operation and delivered the desired systems.

In my time working with the team I have found their approach to be of the highest standard and beyond reproach.”

Director of Finance

British Paralympic Association

“We worked together to enhance the work we had already done to define Values & Capabilities and then deliver this in an easy-to-use 360-degree feedback module. This has proved invaluable in giving us an overview of employee performance across the board.”

Head of Training & Development

Lloyd’s of London

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