If I were going to bet on what would really cultivate well-being in the workplace, I would bet on positive relationships.

A couple years ago, Matthew Stinchcomb was living in Berlin, running global marketing for Etsy.

Sounds like a cool gig, but Stinchcomb was miserable. He hated marketing, he hated that he wasn’t doing anything creative, and he didn’t much like working out of a satellite office detached from the Etsy mothership, either.

So, he came back to Brooklyn and talked to his bosses about what he’d really like to be doing. As a result of that conversation, the company created a new team, called Values and Impact, with Stinchcomb at its head.

It’s this sort of thing—not just the Values and Impact team itself, but the fact that Stinchcomb felt he could suggest such a role, and that his bosses worked with him to create it—that makes Etsy a pretty nice place to work, according to research over the past decade in the field of positive organizational psychology.

That research also suggests that happy workplaces like Etsy tend to have employees that are more productive.

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