Data Protection laws changed on 25th May 2018 as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR has been designed to ensure that all organisations take the protection of your personal data and privacy seriously. We have updated our Privacy Policy to take into account the new requirements of the GDPR.

Please take time to read our full privacy policy below, which explains in detail how and why we collect data, how we use it and any other relevant information.


At Transcend, we are all passionate about helping organisations and teams to develop a strong culture, engaging employee experience and, ultimately, better overall performance. This inevitably depends upon knowledge-sharing and communication between leaders, colleagues, suppliers and partners (as part of current projects or potential future projects).

In line with the new GDPR, we all understand that this needs to be done responsibly, with legitimate interest on the part of the organisation and with proper protection for the privacy of individuals’ personal data. We all take our responsibility in this important area of data protection very seriously.

Paul Glover


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