[tranˈsɛnd, trɑːn-]

to outdo or exceed in excellence, elevation, extent, degree, etc.;

to surpass; excel.

We provide clients with blended HR technology and service solutions.

These solutions help you to measure, understand and ultimately improve your organisation by focusing on its greatest asset – the people.

Our culture – the key to our excellent reputation




Helping you shape a culture that optimises organisational performance.

People on People

Technology is the enabler but it is the combination of human expertise and technology that ensures we offer the best solutions bespoke for you.

Always evolving

Technology and business continually evolve and so do we. Solutions are continually expanded and improved using client feedback from live projects.

Solving Problems

We deliver solutions that are a blend of tools and services, tailored to each client’s circumstances and requirements but always focused on an organisation’s people.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is at the heart of the organisation. Whether you need technical advice or a reality check, you can call us for input!

Our values – a solid foundation

  • Integrity & Ethics – Act with demonstrable fairness, integrity and consistency in work-related activities.
  • Customer Focus – Develop strong customer relationships, always put them first and constantly meet or exceed their expectations.
  • Innovation – Seek out and implement new ideas to improve methods, products and services.
  • Quality & Focus – Work to clear quality standards and have a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Teamworking – Get actively involved in teamwork, both internally and with our customers
Paul Glover

Paul Glover

Managing Consultant and Director

With experience spanning 20 years, Paul is actively involved in client projects, leading teams of people to deliver solutions to clients. He also works with Leadership and Management teams directly in areas such as culture change, team effectiveness and organisational transformation. His expertise and knowledge are valued and his flexible, honest approach is welcome and refreshing.

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