Customer Research and Insight

Knowing what your customers think of you, their past behaviour and likely future attitudes is an essential part of strategic decision-making.

You need this kind of information when designing products/services, agreeing on organisational structure, planning your organisational development and maintaining high performance.

The value of research is often underestimated which can have a long term detrimental impact on your organisation. With vast experience in conducting surveys to understand customer and community trends, we have found that in almost all cases the results have been a revelation to the client.

If you want valuable insights into your customers opinions and likely behaviour, comprehensive research following robust processes is important.

Transcend will provide you with:
A proven four phased methodology, customised to your needs and adhering to best practices.

1. Evaluation of past methods and data
2. Design of new research approach and content
3. Engaging with customers and collecting data
4. Analysis of data and delivery of results

An approach that covers both qual and quan disciplines to maximise insights and data.

1. Quantitative – where customer activity is measured purely by numbers. This is generally conducted by capturing data on questionnaires and tabulating the results.
2. Qualitative – where information on customer attitudes to various aspects is gathered so that decisions can be made on future strategies. This is generally (but not always) carried out through focus groups or in ‘hall’ tests.

Tailored data collection channels that mirror those used by your customers to engage with your organisation.

These may include:
 Web-based questionnaires
 Telephone surveys
 Face to face interviews
 On-street questionnaires
 Group workshops
 Postal questionnaires / reply-paid cards
 Suggestion boxes
 Other technology (e.g. ‘ask the audience’ buttons, online polls, etc)

A report that includes analysis and insights based on our considerable experience and expertise.

At the end of the research activity, you have the option to simply take the raw data. The majority of clients prefer our analysis and commentary to give the data more meaning as part of a final report.

You also have the option of a meeting on your premises to present the results of the research and leave you with a comprehensive hard copy report.

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