Working with SMEs

At Transcend, we work with a number of micro, small and medium enterprises.

Often smaller organisations go through significant periods of change as they expand, stabilise or restructure. At this point, they often realise they need more robust HR systems in place to effectively manage talent and performance.

Please see our case study with Quadrangle as an example of how we work with medium-sized businesses.

With experience and expertise of the unique challenges faced by growing businesses, we have already tailored our solutions to address specific issues. Our service offers you:

  • An affordable entry point – with a scalable offering to accommodate future growth
  • Accessible consultants – expertise without the red tape
  • A partner – working with you to truly understand and address your challenges, one size doesn’t always fit all!
  • Best practise guidance and advice –getting these fundamentals right from the start will save you a big headache further down the road
  • Honest feedback – it’s better to be told the truth now than discover it yourself later. We will always offer our honest opinion.
  • Maximising resources – as you grow it’s important to optimise efficiencies and we can advise on where you can tighten things up as you grow without compromising on results
  • Fair charging – A reasonable approach to fees without automatic ‘on the clock’ charging


Capability Profiling & Performance Review

“As an organisation that takes pride in its service to customers but also needing to demonstrate the skills and competencies of our employees to the Financial Conduct Authority, the ability to define and measure these factors was becoming increasingly important. We chose our partnership model because their modules enabled us to implement an effective method of delivering a tailored competence based performance development and review process in an easy to use web-based package. Throughout the project, the support and knowledge we tapped into were invaluable.”

“The flexibility of the modules allowed us to start by developing our competency framework and then move into a full competency-based appraisal system in a matter of weeks rather than months.”

Group Training & Development Director


Bring low-cost HR structure to the organisation as you grow

“At a pivotal time in our business, we were doubling in size and moving to a more formal organisation structure.

We needed help to create clarity in the business about expectations of our people, define what good looks like and formalise objective setting to help everyone focus on achieving things that bring business value.”

HR Director

If you are an SME and want to know how we can help you as you grow

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