Gathering perspectives from customers, colleagues & competitors

With experience of a variety of information gathering and interpretation techniques, we can support your own management information with:


Customer Feedback


Market Research


Strategic employee surveys

Being an outward-looking organisation and understanding a much wider perspective than just your own is a key part of ensuring success.

Gathering perspectives from your customers, colleagues, stakeholders and competitors is a powerful way of validating the strategies you design, decisions you make and actions you take.

The areas where we most commonly focus our research activity are Brand, Product / service design, Service Levels, Price / Value, Internal / external communication, culture & performance, general opinions and suggestions.

Culture change and performance improvement

“I worked with Paul Glover and the team on a major cultural change project for Sheffield University Student’s Union. Although I was daunted by the prospect of being able to get such a project off the ground, the team made the process seem exciting and achievable…..and the organisation has achieved a lot of change in a short period of time due to the expert approach and input”

Director of Planning & HR, Sheffield Union of Students

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