Transformation and Culture Change

Effective Planning

If you are going through a period of transformation, reliable information about your workforce including their motivations and capabilities helps you to plan the future effectively.

We can help you manage the transition starting with an open discussion about your organisation and the changes before discussing the right solution for you based on your current situation, challenges and goals.

Expertise and Experience

Using the mix of tools and services that is right for you, we provide the information you need to measure staff competencies, optimise team performance and improve organisational culture.

Transcend has worked with a number of private firms, local authorities and other organisations since on various projects managing organisational change. We are able to work in partnership with the Service Areas/Business Units, HR/OD and the Trade Unions (where appropriate).

If you are planning a major change you may benefit from:

Competency Assessments

Large-scale restructures need to be implemented sensitively, consistently, fairly and in a timely manner. Using your internal framework together with our competency-based assessment system and expertise, we can successfully deliver large-scale transformation programmes. Our solutions allows you to match the right people to the right roles and determine development plans for them as soon as they move into their new posts.

Performance Reviews

As a natural follow-on to transformation, we have a performance module that enables you to implement an online performance appraisal/review process. If you need large-scale online delivery of 360-degree feedback against your management competency framework (or other criteria), we can support you. This is beneficial for staff, supervisory, management, customer services and a variety of other scenarios.

Project Management

If you are interested in assistance with project delivery, this can be achieved through workshop sessions, brainstorming, consultancy, training and staff briefings. As a third party we also offer objectivity which can promote honesty from employees.

Training & Consultancy

Our knowledge, experience and position as an ‘objective third-party adviser’ are valued by staff in both the organisation and the Trade Unions (where applicable).

We frequently partner with an internal change team to offer ongoing consultancy, advise and training. This is paticularly helpful to the organisation as it navigates its way through the transformational change journey

Comprehensive mix of tools & services

Backed up with expertise and experience

Support for your managers

Ensuring they become skilled in undertaking meaningful assessments driving the business forward


Performance led culture implementation

Underpinned by competency and best-practice methodology.

A Partnership

More than just technology we work with you to deliver a totally tailored solution

To find out how we can transform your culture

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