Your working environment

This tool enables you to measure your current culture and define your future for a successful working culture


Define desired culture and compare with current culture


Design a roadmap to achieve the desired culture


Ease transitions (e.g. mergers, restructures, strategy change)

The culture tool and services will facilitate and execute the following process:

Working within an agreed Culture

“As part of the World Class Financial Management programme, we turned to Paul and his teamfor a fair and rapid way of assessing our workforce. We needed to ensure that we had capable, well-trained staff in the right roles, working within an agreed culture and engaged with us on the multi-year change journey. As a result, we delivered £2m of headcount & efficiency savings, embedded a lasting performance management discipline and targeted our training budget on those things most needed by our staff. We could not have achieved all of this in the time available without an efficient toolsuite and the team’s expertise. This work has been part of an on-going programme of savings resulting in the removal of 50% of overall service costs over 4 years”

Director of Finance, Sheffield City Council

Culture change and performance improvement

“I worked with Paul Glover and the team on a major cultural change project for Sheffield University Student’s Union. Although I was daunted by the prospect of being able to get such a project off the ground, the team made the process seem exciting and achievable…..and the organisation has achieved a lot of change in a short period of time due to the expert approach and input”

HR & Business Planning Manager

University of Sheffield Union of Students

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